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How Matt Barber’s anti-gay BarbWire is proving the case for lgbt equality, acceptance

By: Wednesday April 16, 2014 7:39 am


It’s safe to say that  Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association has been partly supplanted as our resident go-to anti-gay activist when we want to dispel the anti-gay right’s claim that they don’t hate the lgbt community and their homophobic actions are the result of  “concern and love.”

Granted, we can always count on Fischer to say something outrageous which moves the needle forward towards lgbt equality. But if we want maximum jet propulsion, let’s point to Matt Barber and his publication, BarbWire.

Barber, who no doubt considers himself as Barbara Streisand of the anti-gay industry in that he writes columns, is a dean at the extremely conservative Liberty Counsel university,  and published one ridiculous book on his anti-gay activism, seems to have outdone himself with the founding of online publication, Barbwire.

According to Barber, he began the publication – which speaks in extreme terms against the lgbt community – because supposedly he is at “war with Satan.” Based upon the articles published by BarbWire, Barber seems to really believe this junk:

I personally say Barber is half baked and three fries short of a Happy Meal. Others may call him a genius because there is a segment of the population which eats up BarbWire‘s intense homophobia like pigs at a trough.

Whatever the case may be, I appreciate Barber’s oblivious candor.

Those who call Barber a genius for exploiting the ignorance of a segment of the population forget that when some people carry themselves like pigs at a trough, there is always another segment – usually larger than the former – who get quite disgusted at what they see.

In other words, in a backdrop of a world where we are seeing more acceptance (not enough, mind you) of lgbt people and families and a basic understanding of our issues because we are becoming more out and vocal , the last thing the anti-gay right needs is hyperbolic screechings of “Nazis” and “Satan.” This screeching only serves to prove our point that those who oppose our equality aren’t operating from a religious point-of-view, but one of hatred and fear.

Of course, I doubt that any of this will register to Barber and his minions at BarbWire. Therefore, like Crash Test Dummies, they will continue to bang into the wall of homophobia; a wall they freely created.

Have fun guys. I will be around to point out your ignorance and hatred every time you bang into that wall.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch for its information on BarbWire.

For SC State Senator Mike Fair, it’s all about ‘gay sex’

By: Wednesday April 9, 2014 10:46 pm

SC Sen. Mike Fair

A situation involving South Carolina legislators’ attack on two state colleges over lgbt issues has just gone nationwide.

And it doesn’t bode well for the state.

Originally, the controversy was about the SC State House taking away $70,000 collectively from the College of Charleston and the University of South Carolina Upstate. The amount adds up to the how much the two colleges spent on the gay-themed books which they assigned students. The legislators claimed that the books, Fun Home and Out Loud: The Best of Rainbow Radio doesn’t represent SC community value and were pornographic.

But now the situation is centering around a now canceled lecture at the University of South Carolina Upstate.  The lecture titled, “How to be a lesbian in 10 days or less” is a satirical and comedic one-woman show by Leigh Hendrix which dealt with coming out.

However, lawmakers raised a fuss about the lecture, claiming that it was “recruiting” students to be gay.  One lawmaker in particular, Sen. Mike Fair of Greenville, had this to say:

“That’s not an explanation of ‘I was born this way.’  It’s recruiting.”

So now, thanks to Sen. Fair, various nationwide media have picked up the story and few, including the Huffington Post, are tongue-in-cheek with their coverage. The majority of them are focusing on the ridiculous notion that a lecture could actually make someone gay.

And Sen. Fair, not unlike the main character in the fable The Mischievous Dog, continues to publicly comment about the lecture and homosexuality, totally oblivious as to how ridiculous South Carolina looks every time he opens his mouth.

Recently, he was interviewed by a local independent newspaper, The Free Times. During the interview, Sen. Fair had some very interesting things to say about lgbt South Carolinians:

Fair — a staunch religious conservative who believes homosexuality is morally wrong — says that while Americans have inalienable rights, glorifying homosexuality at taxpayers’ expense is not one of them. When Free Times pointed out that homosexuals pay taxes, too, as do the families of gay college students, Fair suggested they are also lawbreakers. He pointed to an antiquated state law against “the abominable act of buggery.” While the law is not enforced and homosexuality is not exactly illegal, Fair admits, he says it is still immoral and unhealthy.

SC lawmaker accuses college of ‘recruiting’ students to be gay

By: Monday April 7, 2014 9:08 pm

SC Sen. Mike Fair

The controversy over South Carolina colleges, gay issues, and the ire of state legislators at colleges for even talking about gays issues show no sign of slowing down.

Earlier this year the House took away $70,000 collectively from the College of Charleston and the University of South Carolina Upstate. The amount adds up to the how much the two colleges spent on the gay-themed books. The legislators claimed that the books, Fun Home and Out Loud: The Best of Rainbow Radio doesn’t represent SC community value and were pornographic.

Then it was announced that USC Upstate could face further cuts because the school is hosting a symposium on gay topics that at one point included a lecture titled, “How to be a lesbian in 10 days or less.”

This lecture is a one-woman show by Leigh Hendrix which dealt with coming out. It is considered to be a comical and satirical lecture, but due to the provocative title, some right-wing and anti-gay blogs got a hold of the story and made various inaccurate comments about students “being taught how to be gay.”

USC Upstate canceled the lecture because of the controversy this was causing.

However, some lawmakers are still furious over the books and lecture and took it upon themselves to castigate not only USC Upstate but also the lgbt community. One in particular, Sen. Mike Fair, claimed that university students are being “recruited” to be gay:

“It’s just not normal and then you glorify, or it seems to me, that the promotion at USC is glorification of same sex orientation,” said Republican state Sen. Mike Fair.

Fair said the school took what he calls questionable behavior even further when it booked the show “How to Become a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less.”

“That’s not an explanation of ‘I was born this way.’  It’s recruiting,” said Fair.

So there it is. I wondered how long this controversy would go on before one of our legislators would play the “gays are trying to recruit” card.

Seriously though, I don’t think it takes a genius to tell that, in spite of all of his negative comments, Fair has seen the lecture. I also doubt he read any of the books he is all up in arms about. And that goes double for other legislators (in particular Rep. Garry Smith, Sen. Lee Bright, and Sen. Kelvin Bryant) who have run to the media voicing negative comments and making threats.

And to me, the above asinine comment he made about recruiting isn’t the worse remark made about this controversy. Fair and many of the other legislators I mentioned complained  on several occasions that the universities are wasting the taxpayer’s money by focusing on lgbt issues.

Perhaps a group of SC lgbts should write these legislators asking just where is the “lgbt-exempt” line on our state tax forms.

The legislators represent a sad mindset which is the crux of this entire nonsense.

Lgbts are in loving relationships, we pay taxes, we raise children, we are the important linchpin of many South Carolina families.

But when folks like Fair are pressed to talk about us, they seem to be compelled to perform an insulting psychological dissection on who we are.

To folks like him, the other legislators making a fuss about the colleges, and the right-wing blogs, our sexual orientations disqualify us from being treated fair and equally. Our sexual orientations also frees them to lie about us, bear false witness against us, or treat us like less than taxpaying citizens of this state. Instead, they treat lgbt South Carolinians like clay by molding us into the false images they conjure up about us in accordance to their so-called religious beliefs.

Our families, loving relationships, our close friendships, and even the respect due to us because we also pay taxes are replaced with images of pathetic sinners out to cause chaos and “recruit”  because we supposedly hate values and morality.

And God forbid that we want to talk about issues which affect us like every other group in South Carolina does. God forbid colleges and universities have classes and assignments which acknowledge us. To these holier-than-thou folks, that’s akin children playing the Bloody Mary game in front of a bathroom mirror. To them, that’s akin to us supposedly shoving our lifestyles down their throats.

It’s what I’ve been saying throughout this mess from the start. Folks like Fair, Bright, Smith, etc want to erase our lives. They don’t want to be reminded of who we actually are as people because they seem to think that their inaccurate images should be the beginning or ending of the matter.

But they should remember two things.

Some of those zeros in their legislative paychecks came from us.

And we know how to vote.

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