This Summer, after legislatures in Rhode Island, Delaware and Minnesota granted same-sex couples the freedom to marry and the US Supreme Court struck down California’s discriminatory Proposition 8 as well as the federal Defense of Marriage Act, National Organization for Marriage put on a brave face and posted this map.

The map was inaccurate as soon as it was posted because it erroneously depicted California as a state with “marriage in jeopardy” rather than what it was by that date, a marriage equality state.

Today, NOM’s map became even more outdated since the New Jersey Supreme Court denied Gov. Christie’s request for a stay of a lower court’s ruling allowing same-sex couples to begin marrying on Monday, October 21st.

“The State identified certain abstract harms that are addressed above. Weighed against them are immediate and concrete violations of plaintiffs’ right to equal protection under the law. Because plaintiffs cannot marry under State law, they and their children are simply not eligible for a host of federal benefits available to same-sex married couples today. … The balance of hardships does not support the motion for a stay,” the court stated in their order.

Today’s ruling was unanimous, 7-0.

Perhaps being “undaunted and resolute” in the wake of this tidal wave of marriage equality victories has been so taxing for NOM that it hasn’t been able to muster the strength to update the map. So I’ve fixed it for them.

There, that’s much better.

H/T Scott Wooledge