Robert Oscar Lopez is an ally of the National Organization for Marriage. He claims that he was raised in a lesbian household and is now an ex-gay who travels the country giving speeches on how dangerous it is for children to be raised in same-sex households.  According to GLAAD, in the past, he has equated gay parents with slaveholders, same-sex adoption with cultural genocide, and encouraged neighbors to intervene in lesbian households. Just last week, he spoke at a NOM rally against marriage equality in Utah.

And there is one other thing. According to the watchdog group Equality Matters:

In March of 2013,  . . . Lopez began self-publishing a series of gay fiction novels titled “Mean Gays.” According to Lopez, the series is meant to encourage gay people to examine their interactions and stop being mean to each other. He even developed a website, Twitter handle, and UStream account to promote the series.

The first book in the series, Johnson Park, is a story about “five gay boys” in New York caught in a ridiculous web of sexual drama and violence. The novel depicted gay men as lonely, depressed, deceptive, and, of course, pedophilic.

Following an Equality Matters’ write-up of his first book, Lopez took a short hiatus in August to improve his writing and “take into the account the critiques I’ve gotten from literary experts.” He also took down the blog he was using to promote his books.

However Equality Matters points out, Lopez published another novel that is anything BUT erotic. In fact, it’s a downright scary piece called The Melville Affair.

The Melville Affair features horrible violence, brutal rape scenes, and a character with an “elastic anus.” My eyes literally popped in my head when I read about one of the scenes this novel entails:

Many of The Melville Affair’s sex scenes are non-consensual. Dodson is drugged and raped by strangers at sex parties and even by Austan’s close friend. After Carmela and Dodson’s attacks, a female character is gang raped and then killed by interrogators. Another character is forced to watch his wife be raped and impregnated by her own gay brother at gunpoint until he confesses his knowledge of the terrorist attacks. And in a scene that highlights Lopez’s twisted fascination with gay rape, three male friends – all heterosexual – are forced by their interrogators to rape each other until they confess to being terrorists. The lead interrogator calls off the experiment once he realizes that the men are actually enjoying raping each other.

According to Equality Matters, on his personal blog, Lopez said the following about The Melville Affair:

I was experimental when I was writing it, trying to explore lurid experiences as a means of purging them. Don’t go near the book if you’re squeamish about homosexuality, bondage, torture, or violence.

Whatever the case may be, it’s still creepy as hell.

So far, there has been no comment from NOM or any other religious right group on Lopez’s “writing activities.” But ironically, many of them have been busy raising hell with the Disney channel for daring to show a normal lesbian couple.

Note – See the Equality Matters article for the full details on Lopez’s novel. Definitely NSFW.  You have been warned.