Peter LaBarbera

Sometimes Peter LaBarbera’s homophobia can be amusing. Other times, it can get annoying.

This is neither of those times. This time, it is downright infuriating, repulsive, and just plain sickening.

What’s even worse is that this time, LaBarbera is aided and abetted by a gay man. I read the following on his webpage:

A lot is to be learned about the homosexual subculture from honest “gay” men like Walter Lee Hampton II [see his Facebook Page and YouTube site]. In this video, Hampton explains that pederasty–older men pursuing sex with underage teen boys–is some thing he has seen a lot of in his life as a homosexual. Here is his own description of the video, published February 8, 2014.

“Based upon my life experiences ..if I had Teenage sons I would NOT allow them around GAY MEN!..because over the years I have seen many GAY MEN pursue TEENAGE BOYS (ages 14-17) for SEX. and I have seen this VERY OFTEN.”

What Hampton is revealing helps us understand how teenage boys are contracting HIV. You might want to check out the comments at the YouTube page for his video HERE. Thanks to Jason Salamone, AFTAH’s Research Associate and our Facebook Page administrator, for spotting this.

LaBarbera is pathetic. He will stoop to using anyone and anything to further his nonsensical attack on the lgbt community. He seems to think that what he does is moral and perfectly in line with Christian principles. However it’s times like this when I wonder if LaBarbera is truly fighting the lgbt community or himself.

But I want to talk further about LaBarbera’s tool of the moment, Walter Lee Hampton.

I absolutely refuse to link to this man’s video. You can feel free to watch it via the link provided above. When I first heard Hampton’s words, my first thought was “how dare he.” How dare he judge the entire lgbt community based upon his narrow “life experiences.” How dare he demonize millions of loving lgbt parents whom he doesn’t know based upon some experiences he may have had with some awful people, particularly in light of  the fact that he doesn’t even have children.

How is he any different from a racist who would say “based upon my life experiences, many black women want to collect welfare.” or “based upon my life experiences, many black men are uneducated thugs.”

But then I began to pity Hampton. He doesn’t realize that instead of allowing the experiences he may have had with gay men to define his outlook, he should be the one defining his outlook.

Hampton himself is a gay man and a very uneducated one at that. He really should take it upon himself to do some actual research on the subject of homosexuality and pedophilia done by real experts. If he did, he would know that there is no link between homosexuality and pedophilia. And if he is aware of anyone pursuing children, then perhaps Mr. Hampton should alert his local authorities rather than attack an innocent segment of society.

Or better yet, Mr. Hampton should look in the mirror and ask himself critical questions regarding just what and whom he is attracted to. In other words, Mr. Hampton should use his goddamn common sense. The ignorance he shows and the words he use won’t help anyone. Most likely it’s going to come back and figuratively burn him because as a gay man, he is not immune to the brush of lies he has unleashed via his video.

My God, the ignorance that some people choose to cloak themselves up in is disgusting.  And I would sincerely hope that some read this piece won’t play that game of silly semantics, i.e. accusing me of being “intolerant” of Mr. Hampton’s opinion in an attempt to make him seem like a “victim.”

The fact of the matter is you better believe that I am intolerant of his madness. Like any reasonable gay man, I am generally intolerant of being implied to be or inferred to be a pedophile. Furthermore, I know many gay men who are excellent fathers to their female and male children. They don’t deserve this. They don’t deserve to called out, implied or inferred to be pedophiles. They don’t deserve to have their lives and families disrespected and dehumanized because of the ignorance of one gay man and the predatory, drooling nature of a twisted homophobe.

Update – It’s come to my attention that a certain anti-gay activist is spreading a tale that I am advocating some sort of violence against LaBarbera.  That is a lie! To get the truth about that, go here .