The Chicano Contract for Social Justics and Economic Prosperity


The Chicano Contract for Social Justice and Economic Prosperity*

To wit, no more of the happy “Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk.”

However, more of the “lace up the combat boots and strap on the body armor” and done under aegis of the Marine Corps Recruiting Station, is deemed appropriate.

Our Reality that is endemic to our Art of Becoming, found here in the Sonoran Desert, is reliant in our “ease of understanding” and which is far different from the conventional model that is both defined and designated as the “The Three D’s Systemic” for “deny, deflect, and distract” and which is being thoroughly experienced on a daily basis by the vast majority of Americans, since it’s only a matter of time before we will become responsible for perpetuating the concept of “The Man,” and relative to the historical use of the vernacular for this definition and designation of “The Man”.

And tomorrow our “vision” of “The Man” will be for an actualized behavior premised on an affinity and affection for the vast body of knowledge commonly recognized as the “unassailable” facts. Therefore, the erroneous mythologies and outright fabrications, and leading to a political platform that is premised and marketed on a fool’s gold standard, will be incessantly challenged by the likes of myself and many others here in the Sonoran Desert. And of course, you’re being welcomed to join us and to participate in this political contest of wills, given that the teabaggers were created with and for the sole purpose to “disappear” the Bush/Cheney Era of Gross Incompetence and thereby “distancing” the Republicans from their inglorious history. Consequently, more reinforcements are required in opposition to this predictability of an inglorious history.

Therefore, how we, as Native Americans and Chicanos perpetuate “The Man” for the future, will determine our ultimate success or perhaps our failure for moving America forward into a much more appreciated view for a “re-invigorated” Democracy, and done within our political construct that is today’s Indigenous Hemisphere. As such, it’s our healthy respect for the oncoming train that is our demographic trends that must be addressed and done on a platform of “new” and “better” Ideas that is far beyond that which is being espoused by today’s overtly wealthy, their ownership of our elected officials, the always present political operatives, a tad of consummate and well paid writers, and yes, even by the few and vocal pundits on the internet. As such, this challenge to the “white guys” from the Native American/Chicano Construct will be both immense and politically uncomfortable for the white guys and their current status quo. Moreover, the current model and where the combined Neo-conservatives and the Neo-liberals articulate their “vision” as “two further steps to the right, and with a screeching one-step to left, but only when necessary” lest the management and control of America’s contest of wills, is lost to these stalwart conservatives and regardless of the finery that camouflages our participating Democrats, is not acceptable to us, and especially, when we come forth and in order to impose a wide-ranging schematic for a regimen of “aggressive moderation” and which is the equivalent to the European-centric code talk for a “progressive” and where the bright light of illumination will and must be focused.

During the course of this overall effort for the next forty years facing both the respective communities of Native Americans and Chicanos, as well as collectively, the distinctive ideas, will have to include a variety of personnel and voices not wedded to the current status quo benefiting America’s deep pockets, and if and when accomplished correctly, takes our ideas into the mainstream consciousness and ultimately, leading to worthwhile public policies with regard to social justice and economic security for the “little guy”. In short, the proverbial “outsiders” are quietly becoming “the insiders”, and the desperation from “the insiders” is now showing up in a variety political platforms and venues–an exemplar is the Heritage Foundation, and with their quiet avoidance schematic and where this schematic includes the ever-present Three D’s. Consequently, this continuing contest of wills, between today’s loud and verbal assault on the voiceless, will determine their sustainability for the critical years ahead, since there is no consolation to be found in the recognition that they cannot take their respective and wealthy scores into the hereafter, given the size of today’s coffins, and more so, the off-shore banking havens are no longer “safe harbors” relative to the aspirations of Native Americans and Chicanos for our seeking out both social justice and economic prosperity. And of course, our ever-present admonition continues be found in that the “vendidos” need not apply.

Consequently, a “new” and “improved” Middle Class will evolve out of all this political activity and for some, seen as inherent Chaos, and in which self-interest will become the final arbiter for determining the success or failure of our presumptive and eventual public policies. And if not left unattended, discarded, or dismissed despite the ever-increasing distractions placed before the majority of the voters, we, the progeny and ‘beneficiaries’ to our Indigenous Hemisphere, will increasingly survive and prosper. Nonetheless, this obvious recognition includes any supposed deference paid to the special interests that are attendant to Jobs, Education, Healthcare, and Law and Order, and also to include the attendees to the “features” and “bugs” found in our ever-weakening public policies. Therefore our current and daily reality is found in our acknowledgement that the Middle Class and the Poor are losing the ground war in this contest of wills. Regardless of any unanticipated outcomes within the next forty years—and equivalent to the time frame from a Reagan Era and to conclusion of this incipient Obama Era, our attitude and behavior is for our constant and consistent behavior in keeping with and for having to attend to our daily prayers due to this obvious “grin and bear it” burden delivered to us by the overtly wealthy and their afterburners, in the guise of political operatives.

Therefore, we, here in the Sonoran Desert are in search of not only for a skill set that identifies the Great Scribblers and for which there is a considerable abundance, we are in search of persons, far from being famous and who can craft the new ideas necessary and bring their ideas to the decision-making table resulting in new legislation and done with the sole purpose and which is to re-invigorate our Democracy and the late-blooming Democracies located throughout this Indigenous Hemisphere. And if you feel that you qualify, be sure to have a tad a patience and a good dose of prudence that is inherent in the notional that you will be eventually “found” and invited to join our ongoing prayer meeting of the “grin and bear it” classroom and where we will create a new zeitgeist that is premised on “empowering the Individual”. Moreover, rescinding the existing public policies that are either egregious or abhorrent will take place and much to the either the chagrin or to the consternation of the overtly wealthy and their political tools, will occur and much to our delight. And this effort at “rescinding” is only the first step on the long road to perfecting the laboratory that is Democracy. And as an aside and by way of contrast, is my relentless admonition and which is to stay away from the “clean” since “clean” water, “clean” air, and “clean” dirt” is far from uncertain in today’s toxic environment for “clean” living and “clean” politics (and said with a feeble attempt at some tongue-in-cheek humor).

In closing, the speech being given tomorrow and at the George Washington University, President Obama will define and designate the Neo-Liberal perspective of “not too conservative” and which will find for the Oval Office, a regenerated specter for more adulation by the existing fan club, but for us, the Native Americans and Chicanos, Obama’s speech will fall short of any perceptive Conventional Wisdom, and by this absence, will reinforce our existing mindset for having to listen to another game of public charades that will lead to and to continue to perpetuate today’s vision of “The Man” that is encumbered with two broken legs or as we aficionados are want to say, “gatiando de rodillas y despues de andar” is symptomatic for perpetuating the prior Bush/Cheney Era of Gross Incompetence. In this time of high unemployment, low interest rates, and Jobs not readily available, will not be addressed with any constructive objectives that will create consumer demand, the missing ingredient necessary for a blossoming and an all-encompassing economy.

 * Note:  Cross posted from the web site for the Chicano Veterans Organization.

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