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July 26, 2013

‘Ex-Gay’ Leader Says His Group Want ‘Special Protections’

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According to the American Family Association’s One News Now, members of the “ex-gay” community are going to Washington to complain about all of the pro-lgbt affirmation.  Originally, this was a planned as part of the supposed “Ex-Gay Pride Month.”

That event got postponed, but if the One News Now article is accurate, at least one supposed ex-gay will be lobbying Congress:

Doug McIntyre heads Acceptance Fellowship Ministries and Homosexuals Anonymous, and he is heading to Washington, D.C. on July 31 to speak in favor of people who have left the homosexual lifestyle. The group plans to visit senators and representatives, and demand equal rights as ex-homosexuals.

“Formerly gay people, if we say something we can be heckled, we can be hurt…” says McIntyre. “But we have no special protection.”

Yet, homosexuals are protected in many states by law and the other side is shut down.

Both California and New Jersey have passed laws even forbidding counseling for sexually confused children. McIntyre says that’s just one example of the bias against people who have left the lifestyle or want to.

McIntyre tells OneNewsNow it will take a show of public support to let Washington know it’s possible to successfully leave the homosexual lifestyle.

“If you feel like your rights are being infringed upon, come down and stand with us,” he says.

Special protection? For what? If you pardon me for saying so, McIntyre sounds like he is pulling logic for his lobbying out of his ass. As I understand it, no one has ever been killed, beaten up, fired, or kicked out of their home for being “ex-gay.”

It’s transparent nonsense or a sad attempt to undermine the real problems of the anti-gay discrimination by crudely mimicking our demands for justice.

And the sad part is that there are most likely Congressional leaders out there who will stand with McIntyre and his group even as they offer no proof of discrimination but at the same time will give lgbts the cold shoulder even we do give proof.

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