Sunday Food; Pizza Rules

(photo: R.B. Boyer/flickr)

Just the statement that Congress has designated pizza a vegetable for the purpose of school lunchmaking is enough to make anyone with a brain groan.    A responsible adult/homo sapiens knows that encouraging children to sustain life with pizzas is not a good nutritional move.   While there are, indeed, great pizzas, and I eat the veggies off the top myself, most pizzas are not health food.

Truth to tell, I have been noticing that pizza has taken over the world as I traveled through a satisfactorily large part of it.  Along Green Street in London, where Asian community stores predominate, there are lots of eastern food places, but pizza seems at least to equal, if not dominate, it.  In the walled cities of Zadar, Dubrovnik, Malta, and even ancient Nin, Croatia, the same is true.

That so many local eating habits have adopted pizza as the standard fare for meals outside the home rather startled me, I admit.

Maybe not having much taste for the tomato paste-covered piece of fatty food is a hindrance to my understanding of public standards.   I can say with pride that I have not donated to the candidacy of Herman Cain, at least.  However, that the simple truth any parent can tell his or her child – that pizza is okay occasionally but needs to be supported by real, healthy, vegetables – can be ditched by a congress elected to represent public interests is staggering to anyone with normal good judgment.

This is a congress that deserves the lack of respect for it that the polls reflect.   Our children deserve better, much better.

I suggest a carryout of congress in general.   Start with my congressman, Ralph Hall.

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